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Earthmoving creations has all started from a long line of family experiance in the industry.
We strive on providing high standards, reliability and professionalism.
All jobs are run in order to provide the client with quality workmanship and to ensure a safe standard.

Equipment Hire Canberra

Create something unique with Earthmoving Creations (EMC). Whether you’re looking for assistance on your next civil construction job or you’re beginning landscaping on a new building project, we offer professional equipment hire Canberra wide.

Transform your landscape

The purpose of any earthmoving project is to create something new, transforming your landscape into a workable canvas for construction and building work. When beginning your construction project, you need some strong foundations with a level building site and a space clear from debris. By the end of your work, detailed landscaping can improve curb appeal and increase a property’s value. At EMC, we can provide all the tools and services you need to get your project off the ground.

Professional equipment

For industrial-grade jobs, you need professional equipment. At EMC, our ever-expanding fleet continues to evolve with the new challenges we face. We have a full range of civil work services, including bulk earthworks and rock hammering, as well as heavy earthmoving equipment, all available for hire. Some of these include:

  • Truck and Dogs – These three-axle trucks and four-axle ‘dogs’ or trailers can carry enormous amounts of material with ease. If you’re looking to remove waste from your site or carry out an excavation project, these reliable trucks might be for you.
  • Excavator – Ideal for landscaping, digging and lifting objects, a quality excavator is a necessary addition to any building site. Their versatility makes them useful from the start to the finish of your project, especially in civil construction work.
  • Bobcat – Known for their manoeuvrability, our Bobcats are excellent at moving material from one place to another. For EMC’s cleaning and removal service, as well as excavation projects, our Bobcats are what you need in an earthmoving creation.
Expert services

We aim to provide expert services at affordable price, offering an exceptional experience to all our clients. Buying equipment for your company can be expensive, so we provide a convenient hire service with industry-standard equipment. In doing so, we seek to provide:

  • Reliable services
  • High-quality machinery
  • Respect for your property and project vision
  • Professional results
Contact EMC

Make your dream project a reality and contact our team in Canberra. We can organise a time for a quote and evaluation, allowing us to cater our services to your needs. Hiring equipment from EMC is the perfect solution for a savvy business owner, so start saving some money with our professional services. Give us a call and start your earthmoving creation today.